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Color Palettes that Create a Relaxed + Beachy Feel

The color palette you choose can completely change the feeling you get when entering your home. We’ve gathered some of our favorite options for creating a relaxed and beachy feel in properties that are also currently available for purchase along Scenic Highway 30A.

All Natural

28 Bluff Lane | Click to View Home

A color palette that incorporates natural tones lets you bring the beach straight into your home. The airiness of white and beige contrasts with the earthiness of wood and wrought iron to create a peaceful environment.

Pops of Seafoam Green

83 Vermilion Way | Click to View Home

Seafoam Green brings the Gulf of Mexico directly into your spaces! Try using it as an accent color in throw pillows, candle holders and even dishware. Too much color might overwhelm your space, however selective pops of color can create a bright and fun home.

Whites and Neutrals

11 Moongate Ct | Click to View Home

If you want your home to feel just like a luxury resort, choose a color palette of whites and neutrals. These colors help the space to feel bright and open—almost as if you were on the beach!

Blues and Greys

83 Vermilion Way | Click to View Home

A combination of blues and greys creates a super tranquil feel. Keeping the shades light will make coming home seem like you’re walking into a relaxing spa right on the beach.


85 N Watch Tower Lane | Click to View Home

The crispness of an all-white room is reminiscent of 30A’s beautiful white sand beaches. If you love this trend but have youngsters running around the house, make sure you opt for stain-resistant and easy-to-clean fabrics.

White and Charcoal

23 E Ruskin Street | Click to View Home

This color palette feels both elegant and airy. It’s the perfect way to make your home feel upscale while still maintaining that relaxed vibe. Chrome fixtures look great in this color scheme as well.

Hello Sunshine

28 Bluff Lane | Click to View Home

Adding pops of yellow to your home is such a fun idea. Painting an accent wall or getting throw pillows and other accessories in a light-yellow color is an easy way to try this trend. Yellows, and even greens, are the perfect color to brighten up any space.

No matter what color palette you chose, we hope you find the perfect beachy feel you’re looking for!

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