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Discover a 30A Hidden Gem at Coffeen Nature Preserve

Walton County is well-known for having some of the world’s most stunning white beaches. Take a break from the sun and visit Coffeen Nature Preserve located off Highway 98 on the west end of 30A. The Preserve is 230 acres of natural forest and rare dune lakes stretching 40 acres. Learn about the history and adventures you can take part in at the Walton County Nature Preserve.


This beautiful and peaceful tract of land was purchased in the late 1940s by John & Dorothy Coffeen and Robert & Mary Bushnell. During World War II, the Army Air Force took over to test an American version of the German V1 rocket. While visiting, be sure to check out original bunkers and missile ramps.


Coffeen Nature Preserve is full of natural forests and dune lakes. The area includes Lake Fuller, a rare and endangered dune lake. Approximately 25 exist and 15 dune lakes are located right here in Walton County. The calm and untouched Lake Fuller is fed by rainwater making it one of the most beautiful dunes lakes that you simply cannot miss!


Discover the beauty and wonder of nature here at the Preserve where the wildlife is captivating. The Preserve is home to a myriad of animal life from bobcats to alligators, you name it! Interested in birdwatching? The Preserve is just the spot for you! Look up to the blue serene and enjoy the quiet sound of nature. Keeping a lookout for new and unexpected wildlife, you never know what you just might see! 


Travel back in time by hiking the Sand Pine Military Trail, a one-mile trail curving through the sand pine forest. Along your way, don’t miss the opportunity to view and explore two military control bunkers as well as two missile-launching ramps. The best view of the preserved launch ramp can be seen along the Topsail Bluff Trail. Be sure to check out more of the trails the Preserve has to offer!

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